House League FAQs

What is the CBA House League Program?
The House League program concentrates on teaching fundamental basketball skills to players who are new to the sport or players who are interested in playing recreationally.

Can anyone try out?
The House League program does not have try outs instead they have a series of skills evaluation sessions in the pre-season (two weeks before Thanksgiving). League games begin the week after Thanksgiving.

What is the time commitment for a House League player?
Practices take place on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) and games take place every Saturday from October to mid-April. Practices are 1.5 hour and games are 1.5 hr. Total House League Commitment 3hrs. /week.

When are the House League practices?
The specific practice day/time/gym cannot be confirmed until AFTER the House League Draft held in early OCT prior to the Thanksgiving weekend. This is when the players will be assigned to their individual teams.

Once assigned to a team, the team practice will be held on the same day, at the same gym, and at the same time every week for the duration of the season. However, the one exception to this is notification of unforeseen, often last minute, gym cancellations by the school boards and/or City that may necessitate the re-assignment of an occasional practice to a similar day/time slot in an alternate location.

The CBA reserves practice slots for each day of the week for most divisions, and therefore, we have some flexibility to accommodate the occasional team switch if an unavoidable conflict with a player’s schedule arises. However, due to our commitment to balance House League teams within divisions as much as possible, we cannot guarantee that requests for specific practice nights will be honoured in all cases.

How are special requests handled?
The purpose of holding evaluations (and the subsequent draft) is the CBA’s attempt to evenly distribute the skill/size fairly amongst the teams. As much as it is not an exact science and is not without itsfaults, it has been proven to be the best option available to the league and has been relatively successful in the past.

At the evaluations, it is explained to the parents that we will do what we can to accommodate their requests. During the draft, coaches make every attempt to accommodate carpools, practice night restrictions, etc. in their selections. Once the selection process has been completed, requests to move players will be denied for the initial two weeks. Our next step is to have some “balancing” games in order to really determine which teams are “lacking” and which teams are “top heavy”.

Coaches will then get together as a collective (after the first two games) and make the necessary adjustments through a fair and transparent process. It will be at this time that we will address any other move requests. Coaches are asked to document and keep these requests handy.

How long is the season?
House League season runs from OCT-MAR for a maximum of 19 weeks (this includes the pre-season of 1-2 weekends and 12-15 regular season games).

What is the commitment from parents?
The CBA is a volunteer organization and every parent of every House League player is expected to commit to a volunteer effort to help the teams run. This commitment need not be more than a few hours on an occasional basis, but it is essential. Volunteer duties could only be cheering for the teams.

How do you evaluate House League players?
Players are evaluated in the skills session that takes place in the pre-season. An exhibition game is part of the evaluation process.

Is there a guarantee of playing time in House League?
YES! All House League players are guaranteed equal playing time during games.

Do I have to have basketball experience?
NO. House League players do not need experience playing basketball just a desire to learn, participate and have fun.