Intercity – Ravens

The Chateauguay Basketball Intercity Program is designed to provide our young athletes (ages 5 to 17) in the Châteauguay area with the opportunity to access a quality program to develop their level of play, appreciation of teamwork, commitment, and enhance life skills through the sport of basketball.

A simple game plan –

To effectively compete in a fun, fair and safe basketball environment that is focused on providing quality skill development, fostering good sportsmanship, respect for others, self-confidence, physical activity, and healthy lifestyle.

The CBA is proud of the coaches’ professionalism, dedication, and commitment to the development of our players’ skill level.

We offer a basketball program built on excellence for young student-athletes that develops the skills to:
•    play the game of basketball to their full potential;
•    sustain a healthy lifestyle that is well balanced with physical activity, learning, discipline, hard work, and dedication;
•    instill positive character traits such as self-esteem and confidence; and,
•    be a strong competitor with values such as teamwork and respect for others.

In building our program, we recognized student-athletes may also have financial or academic needs, and our aim is to remove barriers where possible.

To this end, the CBA wants to ensure that all players have equal opportunity to participate in our programs, even those who may be financially less fortunate.
Parents of our student athletes may seek, in confidence, financial assistance through either the athlete’s coach or through the CBA administration. Additionally, opportunities exist starting at the beginning of each season (September) for athletes to receive training as an official in order to scorekeep CBA House League games throughout the season. This opportunity provides a source of income for athletes who may need extra monetary funds, and is a great opportunity to give back to the game of basketball. For further information contact the official responsible.

The team fees are  involved with playing competitive basketball are significant. Time commitment involves three 2-hour practices per week , games, and out of town tournaments to consider. Additional individual costs not captured under the team budget are player travel costs. An individual budget can be arranged at the beginning of the season with the team manager for any player needing to plan out incremental payments (e.g.: $20 every two weeks).

All players as part of the team will be required to accomplish the goal of collectively raising a minimum of $1000 in support of various team needs that may be identified, and which differ from season to season.

Here are the following teams we support: 

  •  Mini Boys and Mini Girls
  • Bantam Boys and Bantam Girls 
  • Midget Boys and Midget Girls
  • Juvenile Boys and Juvenile Girls

All players interested in participating in a quality program that focuses on the continued development of their fundamental skills, increasing their level of play, and playing at the top levels, are invited and encouraged to try out. Tryouts (skill evaluation) are used to select the competitive teams. Evaluations are conducted by the coaching staff for each division.  For more details about dates and times of tryouts for the upcoming season please check the posted schedule. Players released from the competitive tryouts will be eligible to register for the house league program.


For frequently asked questions and answers, see INTERCITY LEAGUE FAQs