Intercity FAQs

Any questions regarding the Inter-city Program, please contact us.

What is the CBA Intercity Program?
The Intercity program concentrates on developing basketball players who are interested in the sport at the competitive level. Teams travel to tournaments and play other competitive teams.

Can anyone try out?
Tryouts are open to anyone registered in the CBA. If you are not a registered member of the CBA, you will need to register at one of the OPEN Registration sessions held every season in September.

What is the time commitment for an Intercity player?
Intercity teams practice three times a week for 1.5 hours per practice at gym locations around the Chateauguay area. It is expected that players will commit to this amount of time and get to practices every week. In addition, there are 2-4 Saturdays/Sundays throughout the season where they play two games against other local competitive teams.These games around the region require a half-day commitment about twice a month. You can also expect 1-2 tournaments a season, depending on the season plan for each team. The number of tournaments is decided in consultation with parents.

How long is the season?
Tryouts begin in early September. Mini level teams (ages 10-11) wrap up shortly before or just after Easter. Other teams will play later in the year.

How much does it cost?
Your CBA Registration fee is $375.00 at Open Registration. In addition, some team coaches may wish for their players to purchase warm-up clothing for an additional $75-$100. There will be additional costs for travel; however sharing travel costs with other families reduces this season cost greatly.

If I play high school basketball, do I have time for Intercity Ravens too?
YES!!! But do know that there is practice during the high school season for both girls and boys, and there may be tournaments during this time. Most of our players do both!

It is very difficult to play competitive basketball and another competitive sport?
The Intercity program is considered the priority sports commitment for our players.

What is the commitment from parents?
The Chateauguay Basketball Association is a volunteer organization and every parent of every Ravens player is expected to commit to a volunteer effort to help the teams run. This commitment need not be more than a few hours on an occasional basis, but it is essential. Your Coaches (who are also volunteers!) will outline the volunteer jobs during the first team meeting. In addition, the CBA Ravens host a major tournament every year, and parents are expected to help that weekend.

What is the tryout process?
Every player is guaranteed two tryouts. Following the second tryout, some players will be released to House League. A third tryout will then take place, after which time teams maybe announced. All players are contacted by the coach and told of the outcome of their tryout.

Is there a guarantee of playing time in Intercity?
The Intercity program is a competitive basketball program. There are playing time rules for the Mini and bantam level that require equal participation except during the last eight minutes. At all other levels playing time is at the discretion of the coach. However, the CBA encourages coaches to develop all the players they select to their teams.

Do I have to have competitive basketball experience?
Not at all! Basic skills, athletic capability, an understanding of the game and desire are all you need to try out.